Okham's Razor – Roy Schroedl, Eric Fleming and Kevan NorinOkham’s Razor is an acoustic folk/rock duo based in the Platteville, Wisconsin area.  Though a duo, there are three main members – Roy Schroedl, Eric Fleming and Kevan Norin.  On rare occasions the three play together.  Normally, Roy is playing with either Eric or Kev.  Many good musicians have been part of the group named Okham’s Razor.  They appear on the four original CD’s the group has recorded.

What makes the music so interesting is the mix of influences brought by each member.  Eric gets his inspiration from Tom Petty, Chris Smither, John Mellencamp and the Black Crows.  Kevan is a traditional country man, influenced by Hank Williams, Sr., Gene Autry, Jimmy Rogers and the like.  Roy comes from both old & new schools – Beatles & Jethro Tull to Dave Matthews & REM.  The common denominator is the group’s vocal harmony. 

The CD’s are collaborations of the band’s influences.  Subject matter ranges from historical (Code of Hammurabi, Nostradamus Knew, Gondwanaland); places (Chattanooga, Montreal, Kathmandu, Land of the Long White Cloud); the human condition (Stranger, Four Mouths to Feed, You Can’t Run Away From You); even the competiton (Karaoke Blues, Single Finger Salute).   A bit of fun is sprinkled through, too (No Cannabis, Ode to Bob Barker). 

Roy has some international experience to his credit, having played in New Zealand.  He has also traveled to Canada, Australia, Japan, and Europe playing informally at Open Mic’s and the like.

Okham’s Razor music is catchy, fits-in-your-ear melodies with lots of vocal harmony, various instrumentation and physical energy.  Shows are full of what the band calls ‘new & used acoustic music.’  You can dance, chat, contemplate and leave your troubles behind at their outings – be it a pub, wedding, graduation, or any celebration.

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