About Roy Schroedl

Roy SchroedlYou don't see a lot of people play a 12-string guitar for an entire show.  You see even fewer finger-pick such an instrument.  Roy Schroedl (pronounced Schraedl) specializes in 12-string acoustic guitar.  The genre is acoustic rock, which covers a lot of territory.   The vocals could be a cross between Tom Waits, Jimmy Buffett and Cat Stevens.  Then again you have to judge for yourself.

Roy has written the vast majority of the music on four CD's with the acoustic band Okham's Razor.  His playlist ranges from the Beatles to Dave Matthews.  Shows feature music from the original CD's and material from 120+ artists.  Roy has appeared on radio and TV programs.  His venues range from restaurants to local bars, private parties and a resort popular with the Chicago crowd.  He invites requests at all of his shows.

Though a native of Wisconsin, Roy Schroedl has lived in Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, and Germany.  He has travelled with his 12-string to 18 European countries, Canada, and Australia.  He also took a working vacation to New Zealand, playing for three weeks in Nelson in 2010.  In 2012 he played a 45-minute impromptu set in a bar in Izumi, Japan!  February 2013 found Roy on stage at the Klompett Soccer Arena in Sandefjord, Norway.  (He even told a joke in Norwegian).