Roy Schroedl

I started this musical journey at age 12. Since 1975, my specialty has been 12-string acoustic guitar, though I can be seen playing 6-string and mandolin as well.  The genre is acoustic rock. The vocals could be a cross between Tom Waits, Jimmy Buffett and Cat Stevens.  Then again you have to judge for yourself.
I wrote the vast majority of the music on four CD's with the acoustic bands Hobson's Choice & Okham's Razor.  Shows feature music from the original CD's and material from 130+ artists.  I have appeared on radio and TV programs.
Though a native of Wisconsin, I have lived in Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, and Germany.  I have travelled with my 12-string to 18 European countries, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan & South America.
In 2017, I met David Minnihan. We found a lot of musical common ground together. As a twosome, Dave & I are now DR Duo (Doctor Duo). Playing with Dave & his trio has increased my mandolin playing. It's a bigger sound with variety of voices & instruments.

David Minnihan:

I think music is the stuff that makes the world go around...a universal language. I started my musical journey with a guitar when I was 13 and continue with it to this day.
In 2014 I re-entered the entertainment arena in the Dubuque area after a break of several years. My ambition is to play the music I love to hear...from James Taylor to Stephen Bishop...and even a few Beatles songs, too.
I have been lucky to have forged some important relationships with like-minded musicians.  Roy Schroedl and I met at a 4th of July party a few years back. We've been inching our way to playing together more and more as a team; hence the DR Duo.
Bassist Jeremy Jones and multi-talented Troy Troftgruben comprise the David Minnihan Trio with me. Since 2020, Roy has joined us at times to form a quartet; now the DR Band.
I am lucky to have found a large and vibrant audience in the Tri-State area that loves the great music we make too!