DR Duo & DR Band

Roy-Schroedl-Dave-Minnihan.jpgI met David Minnihan at a mutual friend's 4th of July party in 2017. We had our guitars and compared notes. Since then Dave and I have played more and more duo shows, so we needed a 'group' name. A person at one of our shows suggested Doctor Duo, from our initials. So, we are DR Duo.

In addition, I have become a regular member of what was called the David Minnihan Trio. So, as a foursome, we have adopted the band name ' DR Band.' Besides David & me, Troy Troftgruben holds down the percussion, plays guitar and sings, and Jeremy Jones is our very accomplished bassist.
At the shows, you'll hear a variety of music, some old, some new. As an example, we play songs as far flung as Roger Miller's 'King of the Road' from 1957 to Radiohead's 'High & Dry' from 1994. In between you'll hear REM, the Beatles, Steve Earle, Nirvana and much more. We're also incorporating a bunch of my original music from the CD's you can see & hear on the Music page.

Contacts :
Roy - royschroedl@gmail.com / 608.379.2084
Dave - minnihandavid@gmail.com / 563.920.0183

DR Duo

DR Band