Roy Schroedl Music Samples

These are studio versions of songs from the CD's.  
The CD's are scattered around the world, including Germany, Norway, Belgium, Japan, China, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  From Roy's travels, people around the world always say he sounds like Cat Stevens, when in truth, Cat sounds like Roy.  They also say he sounds like Phil Collins.  There isn't a good category to describe the music, so he calls it acoustic folk-rock.  Roy writes about people, places and things, with just a few interpersonal-relationships thrown in.  His greatest influences are The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, the Indigo Girls and the like.


From the CD "Hobson's Choice"



From the CD "Elemental"

"Leaving My Troubles Behind"

"Land of the Long White Cloud"


From the CD "Stranger"

"I Can Be Anything"

"One That Got Away"

From the CD "Two's A Perfect Number"

"Orential Girl"